Minoan Dalmatians


To set the record straight: Minoan is our kennel name. These are ordinary Dalmatians, not some strange variation.

We got our first Dal in 1971, when our youngest son was 3. Tess was wonderful, raised our children for us, slept by the bedroom door when Kim was away, and, a few months before she died, at age 15, barely able to walk, dragged herself over and assumed her ancient post under our granddaughter's crib. She was one-of-a-kind. Another Dalmatin followed, and in 1986, Kim decided he wanted yet another Dalmatian, and we went to look at a litter of grandchildren of Ch. Green Starr's Colonel Joe. Maggie picked a puppy within 10 seconds. Unfortunately, that happened to be the pick of the litter, and the owner, Mary Dolde, wanted him shown. Kim had always done competitive things, and decided "Why not? How hard could it be?" It is on such statements that lives change.

HomerHomer was wonderful, gorgeous, with a soft personality. He finished his championship with five majors, and became Ch. FollowMe Cameo's Legend. He slept with our younger son, fetched sticks, and taught us all love and dignity until his death at age 12 in 1998. Nothing will ever be quite the same again. That's Homer on the left.

More dogs followed. We got Heidi (Ch. Hora de Montjuic) from the Villas in Louisburg, NC, and, after she finished her championship we got two adult finished champions from the Villas, Jody and Sandy - both lovely.

Jody (Ch. Judici de Montjuic) was the best producing offspring of Ch. Buffrey Jobee, who was for several years the top producing Dalmatian sire of all time, with 65 champions to his credit. Jody himself sired 17 champions and more important than the number was the fact that he produced no deaf puppies that we are aware of. Jody threw great toplines and rears, nicely shaped heads, and good feet. He produced puppies that were better than himself - a great tribute to a stud dog. He slept on our bed, loved all people, and could sing. He died in 1998. Sandy (Ch, Usanza de Montjuic) arrived at our house a maiden, and was bred twice: once to Jody, and once to Jody's son, Ch. Sabre de Montjuic. She produced three champions in two litters.


Ch. Judici de Montjuic - "Jody"


Ch. Usanza de Montjuic - "Sandy"


Ch. Hora de Montjuic - "Heidi"

We got Targa shortly after Jody arrived. She was the best-structured Dalmatian in the house. When she finished her championship and became Ch. Targa Minoan de Montjuic, she also became her mother's record-tieing 16th champion. A 17th followed shortly afterward, making her dam the top producing Dal bitch of all time. She remained at our house, beautiful, and fearlessly independent. She was an accomplished hunter, and squirrels, bunnies, and even birds were not safe in our yard. She died suddenly, in June 2000, breaking our hearts.


Ch. Targa de Montjuic - "Targa"

We produced three home-bred champions: Lizzy's championship was attained by her owner, Mary Dolde, with whom she had always lived..And, from our 1993 litter, came Henry and Blade. Henry finished his championship easily, from the Puppy and Bred-By-Exhibitor classes only. He placed in his class at the Nationals, and, as a champion, made the cut in the Best-of-Breed judging in the following year's National Specialty. Blade was owned and finished by our good friends, Kathy and Jerry Vande Logt.

Henry Blade

Ch. Minoan Pacesetter (Henry) on left, Ch. Minoan Swordsmith (Blade) middle, Ch. Minoan Follow Me Windsong (Lizzy) on right

Well, that's about it. If you've read this far, you must be a relative! There are pictures of some of our other (non-champion) dogs scattered through this website, especially in Maggie's BRAVO! FORCE-FREE TRAINING section. And we are also doing Therapy visits to local retirement homes. Click here to see.We bred our last litter in 1995. During the winter of 2005, we lost our last two Dalmatians - Henry and his daughter, Angie, on the same day. There are no spotted dogs left in the house, We aren't getting any younger, and it's hard to run with the Dals in the show ring. We probably will never have another, and will concentrate on our Beagles from now on. But, until the day we die, Dalmatians will always be front and center in our hearts.

Thank you for reading. And if you are looking for a Dal, please consider the dozens of beautiful and healthy Dals abandoned in the various shelters around you.